Bloodhound Puppies and Litters

We breed on a very limited basis in accordance with the Breed standard (UK) & when we do breed a litter, it is with specific goals in mind, in terms of improving our line and the breed overall.

We only ever breed when we want to produce a new puppy for ourselves.....we do not breed for either profit or to fulfill puppy demands, and certainly do not approve of such practice.
We have been members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme since its inception, and in fact our standards go beyond that required of us by this scheme.

Please Note!!! WE NEVER EVER REHOME ADULT HOUNDS! Our hounds are part of the family and stay with us for life. If you contact us asking for an adult hound you will be put in touch with breed rescue who may be able to help you with a hound that needs a home.

Where possible our hounds are BVA/KC elbow dysplasia screened , hip scored,, heart tested by Canine Cardio Specialist, and genetially DM screened, and we take into account the results as well as other overall factors when deciding whether to breed from a specific hound or not.

Our puppies are carefully reared inside the home, (we dont believe in breeding puppies in kennels) and we rear them to the highest standards of love, care, wellbeing and mental stimulation, alongside our other hounds, dogs, ponies, cats, poultry etc. so that they leave us well socialised.

Every placement of a new puppy is critical and potential homes are carefully screened to ensure they are aware they need to give a lifetimes commitment to this demanding and sometimes potentially difficult, primitive hunting breed.

We will export puppies ocassionally to overseas breeders or exhibitors who are KNOWN TO US, or can be recommended to us by people we know well, and whos breeding policy reflects similar goals to ours.

Our goal is based on the bloodhounds future soundness, health, breed-type, hunting ability, and their gentle, yet working hound nature.

The new owner must be prepared for their intelligence, their destructive abilities, their primitive hunting instincts, and to give their hound a well structured and consistent lifestyle, bearing in mind the breeds special needs.

Our hounds all live as part of the family, and we expect the same level of one to one in any home that we should sell a puppy to.
So if you really think you might be the right home for a bloodhound puppy then feel free to use the contact form on the web site to discuss it further.