Tracking and "Hunting the Clean Boot"

Sam & the hounds have been active in KC Working Trials  (hunting the clean boot)

since 1991, and Sam is both a handler and judge.

Sam also runs small training days in Devon and the  bloodhounds are also very involved with the charity K9 search Dogs who train and utilise bloodhounds to search for missing and lost dogs.

You can read more about K9SD Here

We now manufacture our own tracking/trailing leads.

Over 20 years of trial and error and general dissatisfaction with the usual products on the market has lead us to making leads that we are confident in and that handle beautifully, making them easy and natural in the hands and safer for the hounds.

Our BN range handles very much like leather but without the hassle of having to clean and care for it.

Our leads are made from the revolutionary material called Biothane, which we import from the USA

and it has a 1000LB  tested break strength. All leashes have marine grade stainless steel fittings.

Leads are made to order, to any length,  in a range of amazing colours and are suitable for

bloodhound tracking, trailing or for blood tracking with deerstalking dogs such as Teckels,

Bavarian Mountain Hounds and HPR breeds.


 We make them in a variety of widths and weights to suit individual handlers and breeds.

Among the many advantages of this material , is that it doesn’t snag on brambles or wire, it runs effortlessly through undergrowth, doesnt soak up water or become heavy, and is grippy in all weathers.

Being rot proof and easily cleaned with a quick wipe, it remains like new for many many years.

If you are interested in seeing the leads I can bring samples to shows/trials, so just ask. Leads are priced by the meter, and are made to order. 

We do not make our own harnesses but we do strongly recommend Geoff at Canine Outfitters in Canada for harness making to the highest standard.


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