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About Us


 Based on the edge of Dartmoor in  Devon, we have shared our lives with bloodhounds since 1990.


Bloodhounds are our family, our life and our passion. We live and breathe bloodhounds 24/7 and our whole lives revolve round our beloved hounds. We hope you will enjoy looking at our website, which we try to keep up to date with news and photos.


Working ability, health, temperament, and being "Fit For Function" are our biggest priorities, and we are pleased that Farlap hounds have produced hounds that have worked competitively in working trials in the UK as well as working as SAR man-trailing hounds in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, and hunting hounds in Belgium/Germany.

Several Farlap hounds are also working with K9 Search Dogs charity.

To date, in the show ring the hounds here at home have won 62 Challenge Certificates (40 with Best of Breed), 40 res CC's and we have had 10 show champions in the UK, as well as champions in Australia, Mexico, Russia and Poland. We also have 2 world show winners  plus 5 Crufts BOB and 5 group placings at championship level.


Farlap Bloodhounds have also sired and/or produced show winning bloodhounds in Czech republic , France, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany , Belgium, Russia, Hungary and the USA.


As much as we enjoy producing 'show ring winners', looks are only a part of the picture, as hounds only go to shows for a handful of days a year, and the rest of the time they have to be a well balanced family member, and live in harmony with their human family, so temperament and character are very important.

Sam has served on both breed club committees and currently sits on the Joint Bloodhound Health Group,

as well as being the Hon Secretary of The Bloodhound Club

 Sam also judges and awards WT certificates at Bloodhound Working Trials.

If you are interested in finding out about bloodhounds, or Farlap Bloodhound puppies, or would like any other info about bloodhounds, then please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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