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Research Research Research....


The best way to find out about Bloodhounds, buying a Bloodhound Puppy and keeping your hound healthy and safe is to do your research. However there is a lot of info out there and it's not always the best info!!

So here are a few links to point you in the right direction ....

The Bloodhound Club

The Bloodhound Club

The Official UK Breed Club

Kennel Club Assured Breeder

More information here about responsible breeding and the Assured Breeder Scheme.

Assured breeder scheme

British Veterinary Assoc.

All of our health testing is overseen by the BVA.

Healthy Bloodhound

Farlap Photography


If you have enjoyed the bloodhound photos here, then have a look at the site of award winning Farlap Photography, one of the UKs leading professional canine photographers.



Boru's Bloodhounds, Canada.

Health tested dual purpose hounds.

K9 Searchdogs

Lost your dog? This Westcountry based charity uses trained bloodhounds to track them down.

K9 searchdogs
Award winning artist and sculptor.
Louise has painted and sculpted our hounds for 12 years.
abi banner web2.jpg
Tracking Harness

Canine Outfitters

Professional harnesses and tracking equipment. The best harnesses we have ever found.

All our hounds use these.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin

Our puppies and youngsters are always reared on Royal Canin

DAF Raw Pet Food

Most of our hounds eat a raw food diet and we mainly source it from DAF.

Raw food for dogs
Royal Canin

Kuranda Dog Beds

We use these for the hounds. Immensley strong, chewproof and durable


Fish4 Dogs

We fed this food to some of the hounds and highly recommend it.

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