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The health of our hounds is of utmost importance, and for that reason we are utilising BVA hip and elbow scores, the BVA heart testing Scheme,  the BVA/ISDS Eye testing scheme and genetic DM screening in our breeding strategy.

Results of these tests are publicly available here via the Kennel Club Website.

Although not mandatory under the Kennel Club Schemes, they do RECOMMEND that all hounds are hip,elbow scored and eye tested.


However some conditions cannot be foreseen or avoided such as cancer, and this, along with GDV (torsion) are the biggest killers of bloodhounds

(and most other larger breeds).

We believe that by setting only the highest standards in breeding practice, and by breeding from quality, healthy "fit for function" hounds with good temperaments, is the way forward.

By undertaking recognised testing before breeding, and continually monitoring breed health, we CAN improve the health of the bloodhound, which is a dual purpose breed.

We are fortunate to have an active Breed Clubs Joint Health Group

(of which Sam is part of)

that is keeping the breed up to date with all the latest health testing.

Here at Farlap we undertake the following testing before considering breeding.You can learn more about each condition and the testing, by using the buttons (links) below. 

We are also very pleased to be part of the Joint Health Awards Scheme and honoured that Mission and Konnie are two of only three bloodhounds to have been awarded the highest health award, of Platinum

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