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We are passionate about our bloodhounds, and they are part of the family.

We are not a commercial breeder, We do not breed for either profit or to fulfill puppy demands, and certainly do not approve of such practice.

Therefore we only breed on a very limited basis, when we want a puppy ourselves, in accordance with the Breed Standard (UK).

 Be prepared for the third degree and to come and meet the ‘gang’. This gives you a good chance to find out more about the breed and whether you are right for a bloodhound, and vice versa as well as giving you the chance to ask lots of questions. Please don’t feel that you are the only ones given this treatment – everybody is the same. Our main concern is that the pup goes to a ‘forever home’. They are a challenging breed and obviously a big responsibility to take on without knowing all the facts.

 Placement of our puppies is subject to a number of conditions that have been put in place to protect their future health and welfare, and their Kennel Club registration papers will be endorsed accordingly. They go to their new homes with a contract and with the owners knowing they have a lifetime of care and advice, any time day or night for their new family member.

We are pleased to have been members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme since its inception, as we believe it promotes responsible breeding for health and the future of the breed, and in fact our standards go beyond that required by this scheme.


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The health of our hounds is of utmost importance and for that reason we are utilising BVA hip and elbow scores, BVA heart testing Scheme,  BVA/ISDS Eye testing scheme and genetic DM screening in our breeding strategy.

Results of these tests are publicly available via the Kennel Club Website. We take into account the results as well as other overall factors when deciding whether to breed from a specific hound or not.

However some conditions cannot be foreseen or avoided such as cancer, and this, along with GDV (torsion) are the biggest killers of bloodhounds (and most other larger breeds).

We believe that by setting only the highest standards in breeding practice, and by breeding from quality, healthy "fit for function" hounds with good temperaments, is the way forward.

Our Previous Litters

The "Q" Litter  2021.

Sire: Quinton Truffe Medievale (Imp Belgium)

Dam: Boru's Abstract at Farlap(Imp Canada)

Just two babies in this special litter!

We kept Qui Martha,  who is now a Champion and competes in Working trials. Queltic now lives in Canada in joint ownership with Maggie at Borus Bloodhounds


The "M" Litter 2020.


Sire: Ch Boru's Fifty Mission Cap at Farlap

Dam: Farlap Jaunty

Miss Konduct and Miss Print stayed with us. Both are now Champions, and Konni is a stake winner at trials


The "J" Litter 2014.

Sire: Caymon Od Hadiho Potoka

Dam: Farlap Festive

Our last litter was 2014 and we kept Jaunty from this litter.  The other puppies are all now grown up and having wonderful lives with their new families.

bloodhond puppies
bloodhound puppy
bloodhound puppy
bloodhound puppy

Litter 2012.

Sire: Ch.Farlap Basnicky
Dam: Ch Farlap Candle

We kept Forager and Festive.

Florence, Fender and Faithful are all in wonderful homes in the UK and Frederik, lives in Switzerland and has just passed his first police dog exams as a tracking hound, so we are immensely proud of him.

The "B" Litter 2011.

Sire: Ch. Farlap Basnicky
Dam: Ch Marksbury Illogical of Farlap

We kept Baffle from this litter. His brother Farlap Bran in Germany is a successful man-trailer and Farlap Bargain has won the Novice working trial in the UK. Biscuit has since come back to live with is and is enjoying her old age in Devon.

bloodhond puppy
bloodhound breeder

The "G" Litter 2010.

Sire: Ch. Farlap Generous
Dam: Farlap Barvicka.

Farlap Guesswork is now a Russian and International

Champion as well as winning BOB at Crufts.

Graceful lives in a pet home with some friends of ours and

Gertrude stayed with us.

The "C" Litter 2008

bloodhound breeders

Sire: Czech import dog Cythar Ivaliruz.
Dam: Ch Marksbury Illogical at Farlap 

From this litter we kept Cinnamon and Candle (who went on to become a Champion).

Cautious became an Australian Champion and Curate became a Mexican Champion.

bloodhound puppy

The "BA" Litter 2007

bloodhound puppies

Sire: Multi Champion, Czech, Luxumbourg and Polish Champion Barcarolla Roborovski 

Dam: Farlap Tarnish.

 From this litter we kept Basnicky and Barvica. Basnicky became a Champion.

The "T" Litter 2004.

Sire: Ch Marksbury Thankful of Farlap ShCM

Dam: Sanft Joyful of Farlap.



From this litter we kept Tolerant and Tarnish.

Tolerant became a very successful deer tracking hound for a local deer stalker.

The "G" Litter 2002.


Sire:  Marksbury Steadfast

Dam: Sanft Joyful of Farlap.

We kept two from this litter, Champion Farlap Generous and Farlap Gravity who won a CC and then the resCC at Crufts before being retired.

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