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Busy Week!

What a busy week its been. Firstly Missions long awaited first litter was born, to the Houndseeker kennel in Somerset. 4 beautiful babies.

Then it was the Bloodhound Club trials, with Mission and Sherman both competing in the Novice stake. Mission really hated the extreme unseasonable heat and as his line went through bare dry drilled soil, it made it even harder for him. I dont believe in pushing yougsters, you can do so much mental damage by forcing them on, so I retired him. Sherman had a great start to his line, coping much better with the dryness and heat, but still found it hard going.

I was back on Junior day to walk lines and was delighted that Farlap Bargain and her wonderful owner peter won a COM.

Peter and Eden (Farlap Bargain)

On Intermediate day I had a wonderful time as the judge, and awarded two COMs.

Senior day I was the second line walker of the day, and I must have smelled good as I was the walker of the winning line! I walked a total of 25 miles over the 4 days of trials!!


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