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Crufts Day 1

Had a super day at Crufts, just Abi and Sam having a girls trip out, because they were manning the bloodhound booth in the "Discover Dogs" section.

Abi had an exhausting day meeting hundreds of people, letting them stroke her and ask questions about the breed. Our new layout of the booth with informative posters on health and" fit for function", drew alot of attention and comments, and many people left us educated about the future of the healthy bloodhound. One of the most exciting parts of the day (no, actually THE most exciting part of the day! ) was getting to finally see the amazing sculpture of Abi from #Louisejarvisart and the extra excitement when we got home to hear that her sculpture had been the public's favourite on day one! #crufts #crufts2020 #bloodhounds #farlap #discoverdogs #thekennelclub #louisejarvisart farlapbloodhounds #borubloodhounds


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