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Things come in threes

They always say things come in threes, and so it seems this week.

Firstly our lovely Konnie (Farlap Miss Konduct) went to a local show and won best AVNSC and then WON the Hound group underHound enthusiast Evan Ryan.......only her third ever show so that was so exciting.

A few days later we headed off to the National Dog Show at Stafford, with Mission, who won the dog CC and BOB under hound specialist Diana Spavin. A quick calculation and I worked out that not only is this his 7th CC with BOB, but also the 41st CC for Farlap Bloodhounds.

Finally as if that wasn't enough excitement for the week, we had a lovely package arrive in the post containing Konni and Tallis (Borus Carpe Diem Baby) health results. We are very very pleased with them, and both scored a total of 15 for hips and a lovely fat zero for elbows.


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